Photo of GXNXVS with CVIRO, courtesy artist

Up-and-coming Australian crooner CVIRO has joined forces with fellow Gold Coast producer GXNXVS for a supple new collaboration in the form of "Sober."

Despite its title suggesting otherwise, the track is an intoxicating, R&B-infused cut, with CVIRO admittedly holding on to unrequited feelings for a lover. "Want to stay here forever," he sings. "Don't want to get you out of my system."

Between CVIRO's slinky, mesmerizing vocals and GXNXVS' lush, magnetic production, it's hard not to listen more than once.

"Sober" follows the pair's previous collaboration "Benjamins," which arrived earlier this year. And as the photo above suggests, this is likely another preview of additional gems to come.

Listen to "Sober" below.