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Canadian singer songwriter Mikalyn has made quite a name for herself already, despite her young age. Having previously collaborated with the likes of Zuffo, Diskover, Ownboss, and Evokings, Mikalyn is now stepping further into the spotlight with the release of her solo single “Ready to Love You.” Starting 2022 off with a bang, the bold track is demonstrative of the artist's impressive vocal range, soulful tone and captivating songwriting. 

The track narrates the terrifying emotions of falling for someone and worrying if you’re doing the right thing. Some people love love, but for others it can be daunting to let your barriers down and allow someone else into your life. Mikalyn confides, “The idea of love is scary and overwhelming sometimes and this song is about trying to avoid it where possible.”

With an undeniable 80’s beat, reminiscent of the likes of Tears for Fears, the refreshing song sparkles with a glowing guitar line and dance-worthy drums, emitting an overall airy and free-spirited aura. The relatable song is perfect for those late night drives, reflecting on your own relationships and knowing that you’re not alone in these uncharted emotions.


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