Photo of Maths Time Joy & Rich, courtesy artist

Maths Time Joy and Rich have shared another track called "Childhood," the latest in an ongoing series of collaborations between the two artists.

The tender new track arrives as a preview of the pair's upcoming EP, which is expected on Oct. 29. As we previously mentioned, the two have largely been working together remotely as they've crafted this new material.

"'Childhood' started out as a chord loop idea that I sent to Rich," says Maths Time Joy. "A week or so later he sent it back with a hook written to it. I knew when I heard the story and the lyrics what direction I wanted to take it; for me, I liked the idea of blending the gospel-inspired chords with some more Paul Simon-inspired guitar sections."

For his part, Rich says: “​​I’m not sure I’ve ever felt quite as fearless as when I was a kid before I hit puberty. I wrote this song because I think my current self could learn a lot from little Rich.”

Hear the new song below.