Photo courtesy artist

British singer-songwriter Johnny Ashby has been in love with music from the day he discovered his dad’s mixtapes. From there onwards, Ashby’s love for music took him into multiple bands and sessions before moving to California with nothing but clothes and a homebuilt guitar. With his first EP, Cannonball Days, peaking at No. 9 in the iTunes songwriters chart, it’s to no surprise that Ashby is sitting on heaps of talent and sheer indie-pop authenticity.

His latest single “On My Way” touches on the love for a person, deep and true, as he sings, “Ever since you smiled at me I lost my mind.” Ashby explains how his motivation for the single came to him, sharing, "I pieced all these lyrics together after finding an old postcard from my grandmother. I was stressing lots at the time and she wrote me this letter.”

The track is flooded in an indie-pop pump of energy and a strong sense of rhythm washed in a glaze of folk. The playful backing vocals feel bright but somewhat melancholic in some minor notes, perhaps leaning onto the chaotic sense that comes with feelings of depth. Ashby’s melodies are strong and fluid, it’s highly singable and certainly a foot tapper. Ashby's influences such as The Lumineers, Noel Gallagher and John Mayer are clear to see (or rather hear) in “On My Way”; with drum and guitar-focused music, the hints of rock and folk/country seep through the soundscape, making it a cocktail of highly polished influence. “On My Way” is the perfect track to lure you into the autumn with warm, fiery tones and a familiar aura.