Amy Gardner

Last January, before a global health crisis took over so much of the space in our minds, Chiiild captivated our ears with his song "Hands Off Me."

Since then, a lot has happened—obviously. But Yonatan "Yoni" Ayal (aka Chiiild) has consistently proven to deliver some of the best music along the way. And today, his debut album Hope For Sale is here in full.

Chiiild calls the new record a representation of his journey throughout the last year. “Aiming to cover the whole human experience, I dive into my outlook on life, love and social justice. ‘This is Hope For Sale.'"

This has been one of our most-anticipated albums of the summer, and Ayal absolutely comes through, showcasing a star on the rise with an impressive body of work. It includes previous standouts such as his song "Sleepwalking," which he released in March, followed by the stunning offering "Awake," which is a collaboration with Mahalia, as well as his recent single "Gone."

Hear the new album below.