Anthony Mandler

Just days after releasing his new single "Spaceman," Nick Jonas on Thursday released his new song "This Is Heaven."

The song finds Jonas swimming comfortably in a sound which is part Miguel and part Phil Collins. And if this is their baby, we're not mad about it at all, as Jonas somehow brings yacht rock into the 21st century without going too much into the Kenny Loggins lane.

For further proof of his stride into Collins world, simply refer to last week's episode of Saturday Night Live, in which Jonas hosted and served as the musical performer. Fans already knew to expect "Spaceman," but for his second musical performance, he debuted "Heaven" ahead of its actual release. And from his velvet suit, sans shirt, his trio of backup singers, the sax solo, it was all very Phil Collins. (Also, the live version might be better than the studio version.)

For Jonas, the new music comes at the start of a busy month. He returned as a coach on NBC's The Voice this past week, and his film Chaos Walking arrived over the weekend. His new album Spaceman is also out on March 12.