Image from 'Sad Kanye' video

Sway Clarke is back with new music.

On this sleepy Monday, the music-maker has dropped his new single "Sad Kanye," his second release this year, which chronicles the singer's struggle with depression and anxiety. Rather appropriately, the track is accompanied by a video featuring Clarke wearing a digital rendition of a photo of Kanye West's face, looking sad, although the song isn't about him.

"'Sad Kanye' is a song about dealing with depression, something I’ve been struggling low key with my whole life," says Clarke. "I was finally ready to admit it to my family and friends, but I guess I need a funny way to curb it."

While the video might be a combination of weird, clever, humorous and artsy, it's once again Clarke's vocals that are worth noting. 

Clark has had our attention for a while now, having previously caught our attention back in 2014 with standout offerings such as "I Don't Need Much" and "Secret Garden." He has since left a major label deal and gone independent.

Check out "Sad Kanye" below.