Angel Olsen performing at Thalia Hall, photo by Josh Darr

I started and stopped this intro a few times—not sure the best way to open this review, I think mostly because my experiences with Angel Olsen and her music has been something similar to having that classmate all through school who I was aware of in class but never really paid full attention to them.

Not because I had a problem with them—and if anything we shared kindred spirits—but more so, we were both just doing our things and the universe just hasn’t allowed our paths to properly cross until the weekend of Dec. 1 and 2 at Thalia Hall, where Olsen was calling her residency for a three-night “marathon,” as so beautifully stated on her T-shirts at the merch table.

Angel Olsen arrived on the scene back in 2011 and I remember being wowed and excited at the time and throughout the years I’d hear her records and be instantly reminded how much I loved her music. As the world would have It I would get an opportunity to reacquaint myself with her music during the pandemic and her musical breather during that time, Aisles a covers EP of 80s hits “she heard in a grocery store.”

It was the perfect timing where my mindset was on a similar wavelength and then really reminded me how much I really love her music. Big Time, her post-pandemic release, stamped the exclamation on that sentiment. Needless to say, two evenings with Angel Olsen and her dazzling dress were a perfect way to finally get to experience her live and heartwarming evenings before she heads back into creative hibernation.