Josh Goleman

The National on Wednesday dropped one more song off their upcoming album. Today, they have shared "Eucalyptus," a stirring, emotional journey which apparently came together with little preparation.

According to the group, bandmate Bryce Dessner had sent the song to lead singer Matt Berninger a long time ago and he’d eventually forgotten about it, but Berninger came up with lyrics and asked to play it during soundcheck before their show at the Capitol Theatre just north of New York City in Port Chester.

“We rehearsed it twice without ever having had a demo and played it to the audience that night, and what you hear on the album was partially recorded during that performance,” he says. “It’s got this raw, immediate feeling, and it made sense to leave the rough edges instead of trying to perfect them.”

This is the latest off the band's new record First Two Pages of Frankenstein, which is out April 28 on 4AD. It's accompanied by a video directed by Chris Sgroi and shot at Long Pond by Sgroi and Tom Berninger.

Watch the new video now.