Photo courtesy artist

After the success of his previous singles including “Stargazer” featuring EARTHGANG and “Marigold” from his Ultra Mango EP, Tommy Newport is back to sweeten us up for the brewing autumn days. His latest single “Bubblegum” is the ultimate syrupy, gooey metaphor for love, delivered through restrained basslines and an ocean of vocal surprises.

This is the art of subtlety; the hook grows on you each time round, before you know it you have been brainwashed, happily, by this Newport funk. The bassline lays out the melodic story early on, with a gentle groove and steady flow, the track slowly builds with a range of bubbling sounds and icy electro keys. Showing us his stunning falsetto vocals, Newport’s voice feels timeless and effortless as he flows through the glassy, dreamy soundscape of floating motifs and streamlined rhythms. “Bubblegum” feels reminiscent of Glass Animals, giving off a cool, calm and tasteful vibe.

“Bubblegum” touches on that pink, rosy feeling of love. Choosing to move into the end of summer with a warm, feel-good single, the track narrates the feeling of needing to be close and sweet with your lover just like two pieces of candy. Newport explains, “Bubblegum is a love song about wanting to be wrapped up together like a piece of candy and keep all the sweetness inside. I wanted to end the summer with a lighthearted and upbeat anthem that had pure good vibes. The message on this one is simple: Love is sweet."