Bailey Accorto

Rapper Teddy just finished up a North American tour with Fat Nick, which started in September.

We chatted with him before the show at the Celine in Orlando, which was the second to last on the tour before wrapping in Miami. He talked about his Castle With No Light EP, tour life and when to expect new music.

For photos from the Orlando show, see here. And check out our conversation below.

What inspired you to make Castle With No Light and what does the title mean to you?

I think the title came from—Smokeasac sent me the first beat of the project and I think it was like "Castles With No Light" or castle in the dark or with no one around and then somehow we came up with Castle With No Light and I just liked that shit. It was dark; it was fire.

What made Smokeasac the perfect choice to produce the project?

It kind of just happened. Peep said he wanted us to do a project and he was pretty picky about who he worked with, so, like the way everything went down, we knew it was a good time to just get in the studio and make some shit.

What do you want your fans to take from the project?

Take whatever you want. Real shit. However it makes you feel, you can take whatever you want, but just know that it's just the beginning and there’s a lot more shit coming. I love all you guys.

Bailey Accorto

What experiences have helped you become the musician you are today?

Probably just being around people. Really, I’m a strong believer in, like, whoever you surround yourself with is kind of, you know, is definitely a part of your make-up. Watching people, observing, not always being in the room to work but just being there to see what’s going on and how people, you know, recording processes, just everything man, writing, all that shit.

What has tour life been like? What’s your favorite part of tour?

Tour’s been lit. Probably just chilling with the boys. A lot of long drives. We hit a fucking deer in Utah at like 4 in the morning. A cop had to drive us to the airport to make another show; it was crazy, man. It’s been a really good time. It’s been lit, bro. I love everyone here. It’s fucking fire.

Where have you not gone on tour that you would want to go one day?

Europe! Every fucking place. Russia, Ukraine, Sweden, Paris, London, anywhere in fucking Europe. Brazil—I don’t even know if that’s in Europe, but some shit like that.

What feeling do you get from all the support from fans on this tour?

It’s just lit to see that music I just dropped, because I dropped it like halfway into the tour, they already know the lyrics and shit, and they’re fucking with it and the sound and it’s all good, man. It’s nice to see people come up to you and tell you their life’s story and tell you how much you’ve helped them. And for me, it’s just making a song. If I can help so many people with just one song, in the time it takes to make one song, I’m here to do that forever as long as I’m alive.

Where do you plan to take your music in the future and do you have plans to release music in the near future?

Yeah, I'm going to drop—November 9th or November 10th—two songs, "Broken Hearts" and "Taste Me." That shit’s crazy. My favorite songs right now. My Uncle produced with this kid Canto from Sweden. I made both those songs in Sweden where I’m from.

Do you have any collaborations you’re working on that fans should keep an eye out for?

Yeah, I got a lot of shit in the vault to be honest with you. You guys will see a lot of soon, but I think any real fans already know what’s coming soon. That’s it, man. Love all you guys.

Bailey Accorto