Photo of Eliot Sumner by Eliot Lee Hazel

As Eliot Sumner looks to define a new chapter in her career, the singer isn't shying away from her past efforts, but she admits to "systematically sabotaging my own career."

Sumner, whose father happens to be Sting, signed to Island Records at 17 and in 2010 released an under the moniker I Blame Coco. "But I didn’t like what was going on," she recalls, speaking with Variance in Austin. So she's now focused on "creating music more reflective of who I am as an artist."

Sumner says being the child of Sting, she got her "first buzz" for music by "playing music with other musicians. That magic that happens. I found it fascinating."

While her dad might have found his own musical success, Sumner claims he actually hoped his children might have followed another path. "He would have wanted us all to become doctors and lawyers," she confesses. "I don’t think he really wanted this lifestyle for us as his children."

Nonetheless, Sumner has been steadily releasing new material, much of it synthy, '80s-influenced pop-rock, including tracks like "After Dark" and "Halfway to Hell."

"I’m really proud of what’s going on and the music now. It's great to have a chance to start new," Sumner declares of this new phase of her career. And as she hits the road, she admits it's not just her professional pursuits getting a second chance these days: She watched the second season of True Detective multiple times.

"I liked both seasons, really," she divulges enthusiastically, directly referencing the second season, which was widely panned by critics. "I know some people were a little bit funny about it, but I actually did like it. I watched it five times to know what was going on."

Next up, Sumner is concentrating on live performances and working on new music. "Right now, I'm looking forward to festivals and touring," she says. "We’re taking every day as it comes. This is just such an exciting moment."