Image from 'Keep Me Safe' video

On Thursday, Brisbane outfit Cub Sport announced they're releasing a new album called Jesus At The Gay Bar, which will be released April 7. They also shared their stunning new single "Keep Me Safe," which is our new Big Obsession. Because, quite simply, we're obsessed.

It's an incredible, addictive track, accompanied by an equally majestic set of visuals, which further expand on the song's stirring lyrics, which stem from the secret teenage romance between Cub Sport's Tim Nelson and Sam Netterfield. 

"I wrote 'Keep Me Safe' about a euphoric but complicated time,” confesses Nelson of the song’s origins. “Shedding some light on it now feels like I’m validating my younger self and celebrating the magic in something I was so ashamed of at the time.”

The video encapsulates the young love in a whirling, dreamy string of hazy visuals directed by Berlin-based filmmaker Adam Munnings. Nelson explains the clip captures "what it felt like on the inside of our secret world."

See the video now.